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 FixeS and Mods

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MensajeTema: FixeS and Mods   Lun Ago 01, 2011 11:20 pm

Fix y Mejoras del Server

- Fixed AIO issue not showing nickname color and expiration time properly.
- Added Augmentation Cancel price
- Fixed summon friend system message format
- Fixed TvT Member List
- Fixed summoner's issues in duel
- Fixed armor/weapon enchant limit for olympiad when forbidden list is empty.
- Added NpcReputationData.txt to script folder, you can set reputation point reward for killing specified npcs.
- Fixed olympiad match end in tie problem.
- Added custom nickname color for AIO buffers.
- Finished Vote Reward system - separated .Net client app + Vote Server.
- Added builder protection system.
- Added new lines to [L2Server] section:
- It will report and kick, every character who got builder rights and his account id isnt specified on the list.
- Fixed core issue of trade dupe exploits.
- Fixed problem in VIP system with item check.
- Added new npc quest_npc which allows player to get subclass and nobless status. (Required item id and count can be set in ai.obj ai class name is quest_tool ).
- Changed cursed weapon active skills ( to be same as it was in freya scripts).
- Skills with affect_scope = point_blank , effect_point < 0 and affect_object = all wont affect players in peace zone.
- Changed whole frintezza's rb system to be as retail like as can it be.
- Changed stats of npcs (hp/hp regen/pAtk/pDef etc) to be retail like (from leaked freya scripts) npcdata with old stats is called npcdata_OldStat.txt.
- Critical update for cursed weapon system.
- Recoded ai for antaras and heart of warding.
- New ai for frintezza and new way of entering to frintezza's room.
- Added move log function on exes start, to clean up directory (it will move LinError/dmp files to LinErrBak directory).
- Added proper spoil fix - configurable L2Server section.
Base Features:
- Full interlude client supported
- Duel system
- Herb System full configurable
- Hero chat delay
- Participed player amount required to start olympiad matches
- Custom protections preventing abusing the system (relogin/overweight)
- Interlude clan system (Academy/Sub units/Clan Skills/Reputation Points) configurable
- Death penalty
- Shadow Items
- Cursed weapons
- Increased max player's level to 80
- 24 Buff and 10 additional debuff slots
- +6 Enchanted set effects
- Interlude freight system
- Hero skills
- Interlude quest slots
- Armor penalty (it will set penalty to player for wearing unsupported armor ex. dagger wearing heavy armor)
- Spawn Protection
- Private Store in DB feature will dump private stores data to database (update every 30 sec)
- Auto Learn system
- Custom enchant item system
- Siege report system (it will generate html reports with stats from siege, and dump kill/death/damage data to db)
- Item reuse system (prevents item reuse reset after relogging)
- Skill reuse system (prevents skill reuse reset after relogging)
- Kill/Death stat system (it will dump kill/death data to db)
- AllInOne buffer system (configurable by script file)
- Custom pvp flag times
- Spirit system (allowing player to collect spirits and releasing them to recovery own hp/mp/cp - configurable)
- Offline shop system
- Custom pvp title color system
- Built in firewall (flood spam protection/ip ban list/ip connection limit)
- Custom buffer bypass (allows player to save buff list for each subclass, configurable , custom buff time)
- PvP Reward system (will transfer custom item from victim to killer it they will match lvl requirement)
- Custom client/server side protection system checking client version and preventing dualboxing and hacking
- Custom TerritoryData.txt allows you to set new zones:
- a) GET_OFF_WYVERN - will force a player to leave the zone or get off from wyvern
- b) BLOCK_SUMMONING_PC - will block skills like summon friend/gate chant etc
- c) BLOCK_RIDE - will make player to get off strider and make him unable to ride it again in that zone
- d) BLOCK_OFFLINE_SHOP - will block offline shopping in that zone
- e) BLOCK_TRADE - will block trading in that zone
- f) TRADE_GEODATA_CHECK - will check geodata before trade (will check if palyers can see each other)
- g) PVP_ZONE - custom pvp zone where players dont need to press ctrl to attack (and pvp stat counts here)
- h) ANTI_RECALL_ZONE - summoning from that zone is blocked
- i) NICKNAME_CHANGE_ZONE - user will get nickname changed in that zone configurable in parameter (nickname can be changed and color)
- j) BLOCK_ITEMS_ZONE - player in that zone will be forced to unequip blocked items
- k) BLOCK_SKILLS_ZONE - player wont be able to cast blocked skills in that zone
- Custom TeleportData.txt allows you to use new bypass for teleporting ( level and item requirements can be specified)
- Custom SkillDataEx.txt allows you to set unique features for each skill
- a) soulshot_bonus - soulshot bonus damage multipler
- b) avoid_shield_block - making skill to avoid shield block
- c) magic_shield_block - making skill to be blockable by shield
- d) direct_to_hp - making skill to hit hp directly (ex. Backstab)
- e) geodata_test - making skill to make geodata validation for each target (used for aoe skills)
- f) instant_cast_time - making skill to be casted instantly not ruining animation
- Custom ItemDataEx.txt file allows you to set unique features for each item:
- a) shadow_time - will make item to disappear after using it per x seconds (shadow items)
- b) life_time - will make item to disappear after static time
- Full working interlude skills
- New skill effects for SkillData.txt:
- p_critical_rate_by_weapon
- p_critical_damage_by_weapon
- p_critical_rate_by_hp2_weapon
- p_critical_rate_by_hp1_weapon
- p_physical_attack_by_hp2_weapon
- p_avoid_melee_skill
- p_cancel_attacker_target
- p_reflect_melee_skill_dmg
- p_self_resurrection
- i_summon_erase
- i_summon_friend
- i_target_cancel_chance
- i_target_me_chance
- i_mana_burn
- i_lift_death_penalty
- p_summon_betray
- i_death2
- i_spawn_casting_npc
- i_deactivate_force
- p_battle_force
- p_spell_force
- p_enlarge_buff_slots
- p_autocast_when_attacked
- i_summon_party
- p_autocast_on_matk
- p_autocast_on_patk
- p_autocast_on_crit
- i_teleport_distance
- p_reduce_exp_penalty
- i_charge
- p_block_icon_action
- i_dispel_by_category_count
- i_consume_energy
- p_improve_heal
- i_release_soul - for Sprit System feature
- p_critical_damage_position_front_by_weapon
- p_critical_damage_position_side_by_weapon
- p_critical_damage_position_back_by_weapon
- i_dispel_npc_buff - will dispel buffs comming from custom buffer feature
- i_kill_myself - will kill a caster
- i_dispel_npc_buff - will dispel only buffs casted by npcs
- New operate conditions for SkillData.txt:
- op_battle_force_count (wont affect builder)
- op_spell_force_count (wont affect builder)
- op_remain_mp_per
- op_max_height_diff
- op_not_class
- op_not_in_territory (territory type comes from TerritoryData.txt)
- op_is_type (pc/npc/summon/boss etc)
- op_strife_not_owned_by (1/2 (dusk/dawn))
- Fixed all known item dupe exploits
- Custom Extender L2Server's menu extension allowing you to reload certain data without restaring whole server
- Item life_time option added to ItemDataEx.txt (item will disappear after static amount of time no matter if used or not)
- Mining sytem (ex in coal mines etc location) (including MiningData.txt in script directory which contains dig item data)
- MiningData.txt has format:
- Code:
- mine_data_begin mining_area_id=1 start_x=0 end_x=1550 start_y=0 end_y=1550 start_z=-1550 end_z=1550
- dig_item_begin item_id=57 min_count=100 max_count=300 chance=25 dig_item_end
- dig_item_begin item_id=1870 min_count=1 max_count=3 chance=25 dig_item_end
- dig_item_begin item_id=1869 min_count=1 max_count=3 chance=25 dig_item_end
- mine_data_end
- There are 2 new skill effect to suppor mining system:
- Active - effect = {{i_dig;120}} //it will make character to dig an item with 120% chance to get the item
- Passive - effect = {{p_digger_chance;120}} //it will increase chance for digging an item by 20% (chance x 1.20)(or decrease depends how it's set) skill for example for premium members
- New skill effect to manipulate skills damage:
- effect = {{p_mul_skill_dmg;skill_class_id;percent_value}}
- ex for backstab all levels (skill_id=30 level=0) dmg will be decreased by 20%:
- effect = {{p_mul_skill_dmg;7680;80}}
- ex for all skills 50% bonus dmg:
- effect = {{p_mul_skill_dmg;0;150}}
- olympiad changes:
- a) in class free olympiad fights you'll lose 1/5 points instead of 1/3
- b) from now you can set hours -start / end- (in IlExt.ini) for every day when olympiad will be running
- Implemented party waiting list
- Added new npc maker (NpcMakerEx.txt in script folder) where you can specify time (date) when npc will be spawned.
- Added turbo boost feature support that allows you to run l2server on new xeons (Can be turned on in IlExt.ini in beta stage)
- Added new skill effect:
- effect = {i_hide_abnormal;Type;Count} Type = Buff- 0, Debuff - 1 it will remove random buffs/debuffs for choosen abnormal_time.
- Code:
- skill_begin skill_name=[s_time_cancellation] /* [Time Cancellation] */ skill_id=10024 level=1 operate_type=A2 magic_level=80 effect={{i_hide_abnormal;0;5}} is_magic=1 mp_consume1=14 mp_consume2=55 cast_range=600 effective_range=1100 skill_hit_time=4 skill_cool_time=0 skill_hit_cancel_time=0.5 reuse_delay=60 activate_rate=100 lv_bonus_rate=2 basic_property=men abnormal_time=15 abnormal_lv=1 abnormal_type=hide_abnormal attribute=attr_none effect_point=-655 target_type=enemy_only affect_scope=single affect_limit={0;0} next_action=none abnormal_visual_effect=ave_imprisioning2 debuff=1 ride_state={@ride_none;@ride_wind;@ride_star;@ride_twilight} skill_end
- skill effect to recovery hided buffs: effect = {{i_unhide_abnormal}} for interlude skill that removes debuffs
- new skill effect added that will cast instant skills:
- effect = {{i_use_skill;skill_class_id}}
- Added new territory types to TerritoryData.txt:
- a) NO_OL_BUFFS_ZONE - disables overlord buffs in that zone (only caster will be affected)
- b) RACE_CHANGE_ZONE if Race=-1 then only sex will be changed if Sex=-1 then only Race will be changed
- //begin territory_id=29 MinX=-12000 MaxX=-8000 MinY=100000 MaxY=140000 MinZ=-4000 MaxZ=4000 Type=RACE_CHANGE_ZONE Race=3 Sex=1 end
- Player wont see that character got different race but other players will see it changed.
- c) changed format for 2 territory types:
- //begin territory_id=27 MinX=-12000 MaxX=-8000 MinY=100000 MaxY=140000 MinZ=-4000 MaxZ=4000 Type=NICKNAME_CHANGE_ZONE NickName=ManStanding Color=42495 HidePledge=1 end
- //begin territory_id=28 MinX=-12000 MaxX=-8000 MinY=100000 MaxY=140000 MinZ=-4000 MaxZ=4000 Type=BLOCK_SKILLS_ZONE SkillList=1016;1254;3160 end
- Added new operate_cond for skilldata.txt
- op_is_in_siege;ResidenceId
- op_hour_lower_than;hour - allows you to enable/disable skills in certain hours
- op_hour_higher_than;hour - allows you to enable/disable skills in certain hours
- Clan color under player's nick name (which shows up when you select any player)
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FixeS and Mods
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